As to standardize the creation of Stored Procedures

11249561_709970452446250_7647334140762527602_oWhen we work with many people, it is difficult that all may follow a same syntax in order to have the information in a more uniform manner.

When we do new Stored Procedures each who follows the way that good mind knows, to avoid this situation we can distribute a Template to developers so that they can follow a standard way of doing things.

In this way we can define certain sections so that at least the new Stored Procedures have a similar structure that would be more easy to read, we can distribute the sections that need that developers use.

The syntax for creating a Template of SQL to Stored Procedures are as follows:


With this Template we help developers to fill some parts that we believe necessary when they create a Stored Procedure.


Well let's see how to fill out the information in the Template.

Click on the Query option > Specify Values for Template Parameters


Once you select this option a window will appear with the variables that we can replace in the Template using this option




When we replace the values of each variable that we have in our Template This would be as follows:


After click on the OK button


We can see that the values that we replace in the window are added in our Template, so developers can use this template so we have values that we need by default in our Stored Procedures.

This is certainly an option to try to follow the same syntax when creating new Stored Procedures in our Software solution.

As to standardize the creation of Stored Procedures

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